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REMOTE ADJUSTER for Brake Levers -  

REMOTE ADJUSTER is the control adjustment for the distance of the brake lever position from the handlebar.
It's the system that gives the possibility to reduce or increase easier the distance of the brake lever.

TWM REMOTE ADJUSTER fit on all the TWM Levers and also fit on all the Brembo Brake Radial Master Cylinder and Brembo Brake Radial RCS.

Application List :

. TWM  GP   Levers
. TWM  GP1 Levers
. BREMBO Brake Radial MASTER CYLINDER  16x16 / 16x18 / 19x16 / 19x18 / 19x20
. BREMBO Brake Radial RCS

Remote Adjuster is available in different colours.
Standard option is completly Black but it's possible to have the accessories anodized in

The length of the flexible cable is 780mm but if required  could be cutted at the prefered size directly by the user.

Application List
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